Do Not Judge Me By My Shawl Color, My Cloth Brand, My Make-Up, My Body Size, Or My Outer beauty, Because If You Do, You Might Never Know Who Really I Am.

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hahahaha... alhamdulillah... peningkatan pointer secare mendadak!
kejayaan tx tersangke... even byak dugann yng kne tempuh sblum dpt pointer nie...
bukan lah smpay dean pown... tapi di tmpat yng kukuh lah... the frst person that should i told my result was my perents... bt sorng pown tx angkat phone... then g bagi tau my brother.. nsib byek die ade respond... 
kalo tx terjun bagunan ceq... hahahahha... sem nie kene ushe lebih keras...
azam = nak grab dean! 

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